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Sparta Church Of God
99 Moxley Hollow Road
Sparta, NC 28675
In the late 1960's, Follie and Valley Layell stepped out in faith to begin services for the Sparta Church of God. The first recorded minutes are dated May 19, 1968 regarding a revival. An acre of land adjoining the property was purchased October 14, 1984. The first services were held in a school bus and later moved to a house. The house was replaced by the building, which is now the Fellowship Hall. Eventually, poor health led to Foley relinquishing the pulpit. On January 1, 1984, Doug Combs and his wife Mary Jane answered God's call for them to begin their ministry at the Sparta Church of God. Mary Jane began asking God to send musicians to the church. God answered her prayer for the music ministry by sending talented people who also love the Lord. Doug's parents, Brison and Florence Combs, not only supported Follie and Valley Layell, Doug's maternal grandparents, but they have continued to support Doug in his ministry. Small attendance and a 1988 roof cave-in, due to a snowstorm, caused Doug to question if he should continue this ministry. God blessed by sending several churches to help repair the roof and the damage it caused inside the church. Doug persevered and in the 1990's, God began to bless by sending people hungry to hear God's word and worship in freedom. In 1998, discussions were held regarding construction of a covered picnic area, but no definite decision was made. However, God began to deal with Doug and other people regarding building a new church. When the decision was made to build a new church, a building fund was started with an offering of $120.00 on December 6, 1998. Doug was asked many times when the building of the new sanctuary would begin, but he sensed that God was not ready for us to begin the work. However, when God was ready, he poured blessings on the building of the church far beyond what any of us could imagine. The grading of the site and the construction of the block walls began in October 2000 and as you can see, God built a church. He put people in our lives with talents that met every need required for the building of the church. We know what God did and we want you to see for yourselves. You all have been directly or indirectly a part of the process. May God bless all of you and come to worship with us any time.